Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kids say the funniest things

Being a preschool coach for many years I've gotten to hear some of the cutest things. There is one in particular that stands out....

Every day to begin class we have to do our warm ups. In my classes I always made our animal walks a continuation of the warm up process. I used to have a book full of animal pictures and the kids would look at the picture and do that walk. The kids got to be very good at these and would often speed through them. It was a contest. Until...

One day while doing the walks I noticed that one student kept getting slower instead of trying to win. I was encourage him to do his best, quite unsuccessfully. Then it happened. He said something to me that even now makes me laugh!

He turned the page of the book to the kangaroo. Then, as all the other kids did the hops down the mat, he said "Miss Michelle I'm allergic to hopping". I have never laughed so hard. I was in tears.

That day I finished up the lesson plan early so we could have extra game time. It's moments like those that made me love coaching so much!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hello everyone! I would like to start this first blog by saying thank you. Gonyons Gymnastics is a family owned business and when you come to our gym, you become part of that family :) We are truly blessed to have  amazing community support. We hope to show you how important you are to us by striving for excellence.

We begin this new year with some new faces among the staff and some fresh ideas. You're in for another fun and exciting year :) We also appreciate your cooperation in following the rules of the gym.

Not only is blogging new this year, but so is our Facebook page. I hope you find them fun, entertaining, and chalked full of helpful information. You're feedback and pictures are welcome, all we ask is that it's respectful.

Welcome to Gonyon's Gymnastics!