Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I pay the registration fee every session?
A. NO. The registration fee is a once a year fee. Our year follows the school year and goes from Sept-May. There is no registration fee for summer classes.

Q. Can I enroll on line?
A. Sorry, but not at this time. The registration forms are on our Facebook page under the photo album "Flyers". There you can download and print the forms you need. Then return to the front desk with payment.

Q. When does my child advance to the next level?
A. Once you've enrolled in a class your child will stay in that class for the year. At the end of the year we test the students and will advance them based on their scores.

Q. What does my child wear to class?
A. Leotards are required. Dance & Cheer classes need to have the proper shoes. Boys need to wear shorts and t-shirt. NO BUTTONS, ZIPPERS, OR SNAPS on any piece of clothing! No baggy clothes of any kind.
*Shoes and socks are not necessary for any class except dance and cheer!

Q. What if my child missing a class?
A. If you miss a class, call the office and we'll help you set up a make up day.

Q. I filled out the registration forms last year why do I have to do it again?
A. We are required by law to have new forms filled out every year.

Q. Can my child join in the middle of a session? Will they be to far behind?
A. Yes you can join in the middle of a session! We will pro-rate that session for you so that you're not paying for the classes you weren't here for. (Please note that this applies to new students only! If you drop a session and then return later in the year you will have to pay the whole session and do make up classes) Our lessons plans progress throughout the year and every skill can be made easier or harder depending on the needs of the child, so no your child will not be left behind.

Q. Why can't siblings and Grandparents watch classes?
A. There are multiple reasons for this, the most important being Safety and Limited Space!