Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Twas the Show before Christmas

Twas the Show before Christmas
And all through the gym
All the coaches were jolly
Singing yuletide hymns.

The lights were all hung
Round the building with care
In excitement the families
Would all soon be there.

The children worked hard
On routines and dance
Excited as reindeer
They began to prance.

The kids in their leos
And me in my hat
We all worked together
On moving gym mats.

When out from the bleachers
There arose such a clatter
All the parents were cheering
With smiles and laughter.

Away to the judges
I saluted and winked
And sprang to my event
Me and the music in sync.

Glowing with pride
Like Rudolphs red nose
Tumbling through the air
Til I hit my end pose.

When what to my surprise
Should I happen to receive
An award with my name
Oh it's hard to believe.

Thanks to Chevonne, and Lisa
And Kayleigh Bea
Your encouraging words
Meant the world to me.

Also to Courtney, Heather,
Bethany, and Paige
I owe it to you
For this trail I blaze.

Now Santa knows
How good I've been this year
It won't be too long
Til I finally hear.

His sleigh bells ringing
Flying through the moonlight
Shouting "Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night."

Monday, August 25, 2014

Safe Gymnastics at Home

Guest blog by Coach Heather

It’s back-to-school season … better yet, it’s time for a new season of classes at Gonyon’s Gymnastics! At Gonyon’s we are all aware of how difficult it is to stop gymnasts from doing gymnastics at home, outside in the grass or just about anywhere for that matter. While we encourage our students to practice on their own, we want them to be safe. Here are some tips and reminders for making sure your gymnasts stay safe outside of the gym. The Gym is Padded, Your Home is Not Gymnastics is a naturally fun activity and children enjoy it in both in the gym and outside of the gym. Gymnasts think they can make anything into a piece of gymnastics equipment. The difference between the gym and at home is that the gym is fully matted. At Gonyon’s we have mats everywhere, making the gym a much safer place to play and practice gymnastics. If You Are Not Absolutely Sure, Don’t Do the Skill To be safe at home, gymnasts need to lower the level of skill difficulty that they attempt to do at home. Although, it may be tempting to practice a skill they almost have in the gym, gymnasts should think carefully before attempting any skill they are not sure they can do safely. Never Try To Learn a New Skill at Home Gymnasts should never try learning a new skill at home. They first need to be taught by a professional coach with the correct mats and equipment. Only Do Skills at Home that Have Already Been Mastered Never do skills at home without proper gym matting that you have not safely mastered already in the gym. Mastering a skill means that you can do the skill EVERY time you attempt it. Watch Out for Hazards The gym is set up for our students’ safety. Gyms have wide-open padded areas that have been carefully cleared of obstructions. Your house is full of unsafe obstacles for gymnasts. Watch out for hazards including things like glass, mirrors, obstacles, and heavy furniture. Don’t Spot Others and Don’t Let Others Spot You Gymnasts should never spot other children while playing, nor should parents ever attempt to spot children. Spotting is more difficult than it looks and serious injuries can occur if a spotting error is made. Spotting is for professional coaches who have the training and experience to avoid any type of accident. Don’t Try This at Home Often friends, younger brothers and sisters, even older sisters and brothers want to try the skills that our gymnasts seem to do easily. Don’t allow or encourage your friends to try skills that you have spent many hours practicing and mastering. Other children and non-gymnasts do not have the skill and experience you do and may get seriously injured. Have Fun, but Stay Safe We love watching our students progress and learn new skills, but be careful. Follow the rules, use common sense and listen to that little voice inside your head. If it tells you not to try something, pay attention and wait to try it with a coach!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tutu Care

Tiny Dancer Tutus and Tutu Dresses are made with very soft tulle. Your tutus are light weight and have a lot of volume. With proper care you will be able to wear your tutu over and over again. Simply follow the instructions below to keep your tutu in proper shape.

Removing Wrinkles:
If your tutu becomes wrinkled (this can sometimes happen during shipping) it is important that you DO NOT iron your tutu or put it in the dryer as both of these may cause the tulle to melt. To remove the wrinkles, simply hang the tutu on a hanger. You may then either steam it with a hand steamer or leave it in the washroom when someone is taking a shower. The steam will take the wrinkles right out. You can then use your fingers to comb out the tulle starting at the waist and working your way down. To ensure your tutu remains wrinkle-free, be sure to hang your tutu, or lay it completely flat. 

Keeping its Shape/Storing it:
Your tutu may have also flattened during shipping, or if stored for long periods without use. If this is the case, you'll want to fluff your tutu back into shape by holding it at the waistband and shaking it in different directions. You may also try steaming it and finger combing through the tulle as mentioned above. When storing the tutu put it in a closet out of reach of you little dancer. Turn it upside down and hang it by the pantie of the leotard. This pulls the tulle straight and will make it extra fluffy when turned right side up. 

Dealing with Static Cling:
If your tutu suffers from static cling, you can correct this simply by spritzing some water on your hands and finger combing though the tutu. You may also spritz your tutu using a combination of water and fabric softener. 

Cleaning you Tutu:
Only hand wash your tutu as needed. Place either the entire tutu or just the soiled portion in warm, soapy water. Gently scrub the soiled areas with your hands. Try to avoid scrunching the tulle while washing. Once clean, rinse your tutu thoroughly in warm water. Shake your tutu to remove the excess water and then hang to dry. The best way to keep your tutu clean is not to eat or drink anything while wearing it. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer 2014 Day Camp

This is a weekly camp, not daycare. All gym rules apply to campers and parents. Weekly or Daily rates must be paid in advance on or before the first day.

Summer Day Camp hours: Monday - Friday 8am-6pm
Ages 3-12 (must be potty trained)
Additional hours before or after camp are available for an additional fee.
Weekly Rate $80
Daily Rate $25
1/2 Day Rate $15 (5 hours or less)
20% discount for 2 or more children from the same family.

Every camp participant must have a completed camp registration form to participate in any camp activity. YOU MUST REGISTER AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE WEEK YOU PLAN TO ATTEND! Registration forms are available at the front desk

We will provide:
Certified Gymnastic Coaches. Adult Supervision. Fun, safe environment. NO TV...Lots of physical activity.

Daily Activities Include:
Gymnastics instruction
Dance, cheer, aerobic instruction
Indoor and outdoor games
Arts and crafts
Daily fun workbooks including reading and math, basketball, softball, etc...
Free time for puzzles, reading, and learning games
Weekly themes and events
Outdoor water games and free time

What to Bring:
Lunch every day. We will supply juice, water, and snacks.
Tennis shoes are required for outdoor play, sports, hiking etc...
Change of clothes, bathing suit and towel, and gym clothes
Sun screen and flip flops.

There are 12 weeks and Themes. Week 1 is June 9-13. Theme School's out for the Summer. Additional themes will be posted  in our Facebook Events closer to summer. Be sure to join the event and get updated posts :)

*Subject to cancellation if we have low enrollment. Don't miss out on all the fun!!!

 Facebook Event link: