Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tutu Care

Tiny Dancer Tutus and Tutu Dresses are made with very soft tulle. Your tutus are light weight and have a lot of volume. With proper care you will be able to wear your tutu over and over again. Simply follow the instructions below to keep your tutu in proper shape.

Removing Wrinkles:
If your tutu becomes wrinkled (this can sometimes happen during shipping) it is important that you DO NOT iron your tutu or put it in the dryer as both of these may cause the tulle to melt. To remove the wrinkles, simply hang the tutu on a hanger. You may then either steam it with a hand steamer or leave it in the washroom when someone is taking a shower. The steam will take the wrinkles right out. You can then use your fingers to comb out the tulle starting at the waist and working your way down. To ensure your tutu remains wrinkle-free, be sure to hang your tutu, or lay it completely flat. 

Keeping its Shape/Storing it:
Your tutu may have also flattened during shipping, or if stored for long periods without use. If this is the case, you'll want to fluff your tutu back into shape by holding it at the waistband and shaking it in different directions. You may also try steaming it and finger combing through the tulle as mentioned above. When storing the tutu put it in a closet out of reach of you little dancer. Turn it upside down and hang it by the pantie of the leotard. This pulls the tulle straight and will make it extra fluffy when turned right side up. 

Dealing with Static Cling:
If your tutu suffers from static cling, you can correct this simply by spritzing some water on your hands and finger combing though the tutu. You may also spritz your tutu using a combination of water and fabric softener. 

Cleaning you Tutu:
Only hand wash your tutu as needed. Place either the entire tutu or just the soiled portion in warm, soapy water. Gently scrub the soiled areas with your hands. Try to avoid scrunching the tulle while washing. Once clean, rinse your tutu thoroughly in warm water. Shake your tutu to remove the excess water and then hang to dry. The best way to keep your tutu clean is not to eat or drink anything while wearing it.