Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Twas the Show before Christmas

Twas the Show before Christmas
And all through the gym
All the coaches were jolly
Singing yuletide hymns.

The lights were all hung
Round the building with care
In excitement the families
Would all soon be there.

The children worked hard
On routines and dance
Excited as reindeer
They began to prance.

The kids in their leos
And me in my hat
We all worked together
On moving gym mats.

When out from the bleachers
There arose such a clatter
All the parents were cheering
With smiles and laughter.

Away to the judges
I saluted and winked
And sprang to my event
Me and the music in sync.

Glowing with pride
Like Rudolphs red nose
Tumbling through the air
Til I hit my end pose.

When what to my surprise
Should I happen to receive
An award with my name
Oh it's hard to believe.

Thanks to Chevonne, and Lisa
And Kayleigh Bea
Your encouraging words
Meant the world to me.

Also to Courtney, Heather,
Bethany, and Paige
I owe it to you
For this trail I blaze.

Now Santa knows
How good I've been this year
It won't be too long
Til I finally hear.

His sleigh bells ringing
Flying through the moonlight
Shouting "Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night."