Friday, November 1, 2013

A Happy Healthy You

Hey Parents! Don't just sit there while your child is in class. Take advantage of this time and do something for yourself!

We all know the benefits the kids are getting while doing their gymnastics classes. What you may not know is that you can get in shape too by visiting our Shape Up room. We have a variety of circuit machines designed to tone your muscles and get your heart rate up enough to loose weight. Among those are a treadmill and vibe fit machine. All the machines having control settings that can be changed by the user so workouts can easily be customized for the novice, the expert, and everyone in between.

After you've had a good workout and got your blood pumping it's the perfect time to jump in a tanning bed! Exercising helps bring the melanin (pigment than allows you to tan) in your skin to the surface easier. This enhances your tanning experience. We have a variety of lay down and stand up beds. We also have upgraded beds with specialty bulbs as well as many excellent lotions and bronzers.

We feature tanning and shape up specials monthly! Stop by the front desk and take advantage of all the wonderful things we offer. Here's to a happy, healthy you :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gonyon's Policies

Gonyon's Policy #1:
You are responsible to pay for all classes during the session your child is enrolled. If your child misses a class it is your responsibility to schedule a make up class within 10 days. Make up classes will not carry over into the next session. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes. There are no credits or refunds given if your child drops out of the session.

Gonyon's Policy #2:
You are responsible to pay for classes on or before the first class in each session. Payments must be made to Gonyon's Gymnastics by cash, check, or credit card. A $10 late fee will be added for late payments. Monthly payments (those on competitive teams) are due the 1st of every month. Payments more than 7 days late will be charged a $10 late fee. Returned checks will be charged a $15 fee each.

 Gonyon's Policy #3:
All students must follow the dress code for classes. If students are not dressed properly for class they will sit and observe class only and will not be able to participate. Girls must wear a leotard, Boys must wear stretchy shorts and a t-shirt. Dance students must have the proper dance shoes. No jeans, no zippers, no buttons, no snaps, no belts.

 Gonyon's Policy #4:
PARENTS ONLY are allowed to watch gymnastics classes. No visitors, No children/siblings, No pets are allowed in the gym or classroom viewing areas. If you bring other children with you then you will have to remain in the parents waiting room with them and will not be able to watch classes. Parents may watch dance classes the first class of each month.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Handstands Around the World

  This is Miss Courtney, Miss Kayleigh, and Miss Paige in Cancun Mexico 2012.

Check out Madilyn, from our gym team, doing her handstand on the Sky Deck of the Sears Tower, Chicago IL 2013.

Miss Courtney, Miss Paige, and Miss Kayleigh again. This time at Daytona Beach Florida 2011.

Springers Gymnastics Team practicing handstands on their annual beach workout at
Kroeze Park.

AnnMarie at UofM Gymnastics camp

 Emily at UofM gymnastics camp.

 Skye on a work trip with her dad to Indiana.

 Kyra on vacation. Here she is in Kansas


Kyra at the zoo in St. Louis.

 Kyra at the Arch in St. Louis.

Kyra in Indiana and then at the Garden of Athens Gods in Colorado.

Madison at GR Ford airport waiting for her dad to come home from Switzerland.

Tiffany at Tough Mudder in Jackson MI.

Tiffany at Olive Garden, Jackson MI.

Mikayla in front of the Mackinac Bridge.

Kyra in front of Chow's Gymnastics. Home of 2007 All-around World Champion & 2008 Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist SHAWN JOHNSON.

 This family trip to Williamsburg Virginia looks like a lot of fun 

 Rylee showing off at Stony Lake MI

 Sienna in Traverse City, Mi

Morgan in twin lake, mi

Katie at Binder Park Zoo

Katie working on her balance on a paddle board

Madison In Petoskey, Mi overlooking Little Traverse bay

Madison at Marble Head overlook on Drummond Island, with Canada in the background

     Tiffany at the Whitehall Lighthouse

Abby (starting classes in September). Sleeping Bear Dunes.

 Kaylee at Silver Lake Sand Dunes!

Ella...Chilling Poolside in Portage!

Rylee at the Carrie Underwood concert!  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I pay the registration fee every session?
A. NO. The registration fee is a once a year fee. Our year follows the school year and goes from Sept-May. There is no registration fee for summer classes.

Q. Can I enroll on line?
A. Sorry, but not at this time. The registration forms are on our Facebook page under the photo album "Flyers". There you can download and print the forms you need. Then return to the front desk with payment.

Q. When does my child advance to the next level?
A. Once you've enrolled in a class your child will stay in that class for the year. At the end of the year we test the students and will advance them based on their scores.

Q. What does my child wear to class?
A. Leotards are required. Dance & Cheer classes need to have the proper shoes. Boys need to wear shorts and t-shirt. NO BUTTONS, ZIPPERS, OR SNAPS on any piece of clothing! No baggy clothes of any kind.
*Shoes and socks are not necessary for any class except dance and cheer!

Q. What if my child missing a class?
A. If you miss a class, call the office and we'll help you set up a make up day.

Q. I filled out the registration forms last year why do I have to do it again?
A. We are required by law to have new forms filled out every year.

Q. Can my child join in the middle of a session? Will they be to far behind?
A. Yes you can join in the middle of a session! We will pro-rate that session for you so that you're not paying for the classes you weren't here for. (Please note that this applies to new students only! If you drop a session and then return later in the year you will have to pay the whole session and do make up classes) Our lessons plans progress throughout the year and every skill can be made easier or harder depending on the needs of the child, so no your child will not be left behind.

Q. Why can't siblings and Grandparents watch classes?
A. There are multiple reasons for this, the most important being Safety and Limited Space!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Spring Show

Spring is in the air and we are busier than a hive of bees! While everyone else is making plans for Spring Break we are planning our Spring Show. The show is a Gonyons tradition going back many, many years. It's a big production with big rewards.

It all starts with a theme. Over the years we've had some memorable ones like Classic Rock, Animals, Show Tunes, Country, Around the World, and Candyland. This year it's Splish Splash. How do we pick the theme? Around Christmas time we have a staff meeting and we brainstorm! There's a lot we have to take into account before we can settle on a theme, for example we ask ourselves "Can we find music, leotards, and decorations to fit our theme?" Once the theme has been decided the coaches scramble to get their music.

Choosing a song for each class has it's own challenges. It has to be age appropriate and family friendly. Many times coaches will want the same songs! We have to post a song sheet and who ever writes it down first gets the song. We've learned it's best to be creative with our song selections.

Next we have to choose costumes/leotards to match the theme and the song. We also have to keep in mind the price and available sizes. Certain leotards are made for younger students, while others are made for the older kids. Also, we put a cap on the amount a costume can cost so we don't break the parents pocketbook. That means half of the catalog is automatically ruled out!

From there Coaches have to make up routines for each song. While this doesn't sound difficult, I assure you it's not an easy task. We have to make sure every student will be able to perform the skills in the choreography. That includes tumbling skills, dance moves, and use of props. Props can be an additional piece of equipment, ribbons, hats, maracas, etc... This guarantees no two routines will be the same!

Now comes the fun part, we kick the parents out of the gym and start teaching the routines to the kids. I know it's difficult not being able to watch classes, but parents we want it to be a surprise! Trust me, it's worth it!!! When the kids finally get to perform they are all smiles :)

As the day of the show draws near we get ready for pictures. At the beginning of May we start scheduling portraits. Pictures are not required, but for those who do want them they must be prepaid and scheduled in advance. It's necessary for us to do this so we know how long we need to book the photographer. Woodland Photography comes to the gym in the morning the day before the show. They do a fabulous job! Each year they make a special portrait of all the kids in their costumes for the Gym to display.

After the photographer is finished and packed up we get ready to tear the gym apart. Our entire staff and their families gather at the gym with as many trucks as possible and we pack up the equipment and haul it over to Oakridge Middle School Gym. We take the special regulation gym floor, bars, beams, rings, trampoline and vault. We also have numerous floor mats, wedges, port a pits, crash mats, and dismount mats to bring. Oh and don't forget we have to make sure we have all our props. Our checklist also includes tables, chairs, sound system, decorations, table service, trophies, and arts & crafts for the kids to keep busy back stage. Of course, hauling it to the school is just half the battle. Now we have to set up all the equipment and decorate the school. If it wasn't for our families volunteering their time and man power I don't think we'd be able to put on such an amazing show! It's a long hard day for all of us.

The day of the show we arrive at the school bright and early to do the final preparations. We have a concessions table that the Gym Team parents run while the Cheer Team parents sell flowers and candygrams.  All proceeds go to the teams. There's  lots of bustling going on  in the kitchen too. After the show students and parents are invited to stay and have cake and punch. 

Thirty minutes before show time students arrive, dressed and ready to perform. Parents drop the kids off at the locker room then find a spot in the bleachers. Coaches stay in the locker room with the kids. It it maned at all times. Kids stay in the locker room for the entire show. At the end of the performance they receive their trophies and they all come out for the grand finale. Now, usually we more than one show. For example: Mon & Tue classes in the first show, then Wed, Thurs, & Sat classes in the second show. The team kids perform at all show times. Some years we've had so many students performing that we've done three shows! In between shows the coaches grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to the locker room to do it all over again.

After the last show is done and the students have cleared the floor we go right into clean up mode. Immediately our staff and volunteers tear down the equipment and load up the trucks. We also clean the school so it's ready for students the next morning. By the time we haul all our stuff back to Gonyons Gym we're tired, sore, and hungry. We literally toss the equipment in the door and go out to celebrate a job well done.

During the next two weeks the staff deep cleans the gym and has to put all the equipment back together without the help of our families. Whew! We put a lot of time and energy into our Spring Shows! We also get all joy out of it. The kids are all beaming with pride after they get their trophies and, as a coach, that's priceless!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Foam Pit

A gym without a foam pit would be like a school with no principal. It's an essential piece of equipment. While our littlest gymnast see it as a toy box, our team kids are thankful to have a soft place to land when learning new skills. And as with all our equipment it must be used properly to avoid injury.

Now, I know what you're thinking "How do you get injured in the foam pit"? Well, there are a few things to be careful of. Always jump in feet or butt first. Landing the the pit head first or on your belly can cause neck or spinal injuries! Also, if you don't look before you leap, you may end up landing on a fellow student.

Here are our basic rules for foam pit safety:
Do not land head first into the pit
Do not bury yourself under the pit blocks.
Do not attempt skills you cannot do by yourself safely
Do not dig holes in the pit blocks
Do not throw foam out of the pit
Do not pick the foam pit blocks apart
Do not throw foam blocks at anyone’s face
Do not jump into the pit from the trampoline

These rules are not meant to take the fun out of the pit experience, but are there to make sure your fun doesn't come to an unfortunate ending.

So, how is the pit an essential tool? Foam pits are very useful because it eliminates a huge amount of spotting from the coach. There are certain gymnastics skills that are very hard to spot and on occasions a coach spotting just gets in the way.

It's also great for conditioning! You see, those foam blocks are incredibly deceptive. The more you weigh the more they pull you towards the bottom. It makes moving difficult and gives your muscles a great workout!

Weather you're playing, conditioning, or practicing new skills a foam pit is a must for every gymnastics club.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The ABC's of the Gym

A is for Athlete. Gymnastics is the root of all sports. The strength and muscle memory you build can be carried over into every other sporting event.

B is for Balance. Gymnasts have a way of making even the smallest of movements look easy. The truth is it takes years to master the balance needed to prefect those tiny skills.

C is for Cartwheel. Of of the most basic skills. Seems so simple, but there's 4 things going on at once. That's why kids have to practice them A LOT!

D is for Dismount. It's the last thing the judges see and it's important to nail it. Our littlest gymnasts know it better as TA-DA.

E is for Elite. When you dedicate yourself to long hours in the gym you stand apart from everyone else.

F is for Flip. The ultimate show off skill to all your friends.

G is for Grace. Knowing how to hold yourself, present yourself, and even knowing how to correctly fall. It's not natural, it's a learned skill.

H is for Hurdle. This is the skill right before a round off. It's the power behind the skill.

I is for Iron Cross. It's the ultimate skill for men on the rings.

J is for Jump. Believe it or not, but there is a correct way to jump! Seems like a no brainer, but there are different types of jumps that use different muscles.

K is for Kip. The kip is an important skill that is used as both a mount and an element or connecting skill in a bar routine.

L is for Leotard. It's important to be properly dressed.

M is for Meet. Whether your at a sanctioned meet or a fun meet performing in front of judges can cause a case of the jitters.

N is for Never give up. There's no such thing as I can't.

O is for Obstacles. There will always be obstacles in life. How you overcome them is what makes you strong.

P is for Practice. Practice make permanent so practice like you are performing.

Q is for Quick. When doing all those skills you have to make sure you quickly spot where your gonna land.

R is for Run. Essential for building power.

S is for Stick it. Here's that dismount skill again. It's a difficult thing to stop all your movement in one small moment.

T is for Tumble. The very first tumbling skill is the forward roll. It's the building block of skills to come.

U is for Uneven Bars. The women's apparatus in which the bars are different levels of height.

V is for Vault. To run full speed at a stationary object and skillfully vault over without crashing into it!

W is for Warm up. It's important to properly warm up before doing any sport to prevent injury.

X is for X marks the spot. The dismount skill is so important it's made the list for a third time.

Y is for Yes. The exclamation you make when you stick it.

Z is for Zone. An athlete's focus.