Friday, May 22, 2015

Brenda celebrates 30 years of service

Many people in our community know the name Gonyons. They know that about the two businesses, Gonyons Well Drilling and Gonyons Gymnastics. They recognize that these are family run small business - and good ones that the community supports. What most people don't know is that Brenda, the gym manager, didn't start out working there. She had went to college, got her degree, and was employed at a job with long hours, little pay, and too much responsibility. She was not happy and needed a change.

At that time the gym was expanding and Grace, the owner and Brenda's mother, needed to hire more help. Grace was able to give Brenda a job that was exactly what they both needed.

Back in the day, Brenda was a gymnastics coach. And through the years has learned every aspect of the business. Today she manages the gym full time and often works at the Well Drilling office as well. She's a woman of many talents. Through her keen business sense and strong leadership, the gym has continued to grow.

In recognition of her 30 years of excellence, family and staff gathered to celebrate a job well done.

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