Friday, May 22, 2015

Farewell Miss Lisa

Our dance teacher, Miss Lisa joined our gymnastics family 2 short years ago and sadly we now have to say goodbye. Miss Lisa and her family are moving to Chicago and we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors. We are going to miss her infectious smile,  her positive attitude, and her kind heart. Below is her goodbye post and pictures of her students that will miss her the most.

In September 2013 I pulled out of the Gurnee parking lot thinking what have I done I just quit my dream job. Little did I know two weeks later I would be standing in my little pink dance studio with a whole new group of kids. The past 22 months at Gonyons has been amazing the staff welcomed me with open arms, the kids skipped into their class eager to dance, and the parents always greeted me with smiles. I am truly going to miss my Michigan Dance family. I was thanked today by many parents for teaching their kids. Now it is my turn to thank you. Thank you for opening your studio to me and thank you for helping me realize that no matter where i am as long as I a teaching I am working at my dream job. I cannot wait to see these kids grow in dance and in their life. and yes trips to Chicago are required!!!

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